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HESOLAR is a local solar installation company serving the Texas Hill Country Area (Dripping Springs, Wimberley, Canyon Lake and Johnson City).

We guarantee a Master Electrician and NABCEP Solar Professional will lead the design and installation of your project. Scroll down to learn more about interconnecting solar into PEC and to see some of HESOLAR's projects.

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Hill-Country Solar Information

Learn more about adding solar power to your home or business

Electric Utility

electric powerline iconCustomers in Dripping Springs, Wimberley, and Canyon Lake ALL have PEC as their electric utility. We have compiled useful information on the PEC Solar Interconnection process.

How Solar Works

mono solar panel iconMost HESOLAR customers in the Hill Country have grid-tied solar systems without batteries. These systems allow home & business owners to create their own electricity and lower their electrical consumption (kWh) from PEC.

Energy Storage can be added to solar power systems to offer off grid backup power. Our existing solar systems are backwards compatible with future energy storage systems. You can learn more about solar power and energy storage on our Solar Basics page.

Cost of Solar Power

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Find out what size solar array fits your budget in our solar cost section. NOTE: HESOLAR offers free solar installation estimates for the greater Hill-Country area… just give us a call or fill our the quote form.


initials H and E

HESOLAR is owned and operated by Eric & Derrick Hoffman. The brothers are 2nd generation Master Electricians that grew up in the Austin Electrical Industry.

The brothers began servicing the Dripping Springs area in 2000 when they worked as apprentices for their father wiring home for Dripping Springs builder Partnership in Building… 18 years later and we are still offering Electrical Service for the area with our Premium Solar Panel Installations. Learn more about the HESOLAR Team.

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Dripping Springs Solar Installation

Project Highlights

The Hidden Creek Barn

Panasonic Solar Panels on a Barn in Dripping Springs TX

System Size: 10,560 Watts

Premium Solar Panels: 32 x Panasonic HIT 330 Watt Solar panels.

Solar Inverter: SolarEdge 10,000A-U w/ 32 x SolarEdge P400 DC Optimizers

HE Included: Just down the road from Dripping Springs on your way to Johnson City. This solar array design needed to allow working room for changing out the transparent skylights. We take pride in minimizing exposed conduit and making sure the entire solar array is level. We put pride and craftsmanship into every HESOLAR solar array!

Fitzhugh Ranch Solar
Pansonic panels making a rectangle shape on a Metal roof in the Dripping Springs area

System Size: 4,620 Watts

Premium Solar Panels: 14 x Panasonic HIT 330 Watt Solar panels.

Solar Inverter: SolarEdge 5,000 w/ 14 x SolarEdge P400 DC Optimizers

HE Included: HESOLAR arrays have flush cut rails, hidden conduit, and leveled panels. This is what makes our solar systems look great on roofs!


Wimberley Solar Installation

Project Highlights

Wimberley Metal Roof Solar Installation: Another beautiful HESOLAR solar power system installed in the beautiful Wimberley Hill-Country!
HESOLAR installation of solar panels on a metal roof in Wimberley

Electrical Type: 120/240V Single Phase 200A

Solar Capacity: 8.91 kW

Solar Panels Type: 27 x Panasonic 330W Solar Panels

Solar Inverter(s): SolarEdge Solar Inverter w/ DC Optimizers

Highlights: We utilized an East and South facing roof in this installation. The conduit and rail end are hidden for a clean aesthetic!

Wimberley Solar Carport: This project utilized a large residential array to make a carport.
solar carport installation in the Wimberley Hill Country

Electrical Type: 120/240V Single Phase 300A

Solar Capacity: 19,500 Watts

Solar Panels Type: 78 x SolarWorld 250W Solar Panels

Solar Inverter(s): SMA String Inverters

Structure: Solid Aluminum Structure with Stainless Steel Hardware and concrete stem-walls.

HESOLAR Services for the Hill-Country

solar panels on a homes roof

Residential Solar

Placing solar panels on a home's roof is a common installation type in Dripping Springs & Wimberley.

Residential Solar

solar panels on a buildings roof

Commercial Solar Roof

Dripping Springs business owners can lower their utility cost by installing solar panels.

Solar Roof - Businesses

solar panels mounted on the ground

Ground Mounted Solar

Large lots and small trees make solar ground mounts ideal for the Texas Hill Country.

Ground Mount Solar

elevated solar panels making a carport

Solar Carport

Elevating a solar ground mount makes use of shade below the solar panels.

Solar Carport