Solar Power for PEC Customers

Pedernales Electric Cooperative (PEC) provides electric delivery to Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country. HESOLAR is proudly located within the PEC territory. A large portion of our clients are PEC members. The quick application process and close proximity of PEC allows HESOLAR to offer low prices competitive with other utilities fueled by solar rebates.


Pedernales Electric – Solar Information


Solar Carport built by HEsolar inside the PEC network

Net-Metering: Net metering allows the customer to bypass a solar meter and connect directly into their electrical distribution panel. Net metering means that all solar electricity is first directed to the consumer’s personal loads before feeding back in to the grid. PEC will credit the customer for all solar power fed back in to the grid until the amount of solar power fed into the grid exceeds the amount of electricity pulled from the grid. Any excess electricity at this point will be deducted from the PEC delivery cost.

Avoided Cost Rate:  (NOTE:This is only a consideration for LARGE solar systems that produce more energy than the home or building consumes for each billing cycle!) The avoided cost rate is for solar production that exceeds electrical consumption. The avoided cost rate is currently $0.0465/kWh.

  • Example: If a customer feeds 600 kWh of solar power in to the grid and pulls 400 kWh total from the grid, they will receive a $11.65 discount on their monthly delivery rate. The typical delivery rate is $20-25.

Federal Tax Credit: Residential and commercial customers are eligible for the Federal Tax Credit. The Federal Tax Credit is 30% of the total system cost for solar installation. More information from

  • Example: If a customer purchased a 4KW Solar PV System for $11,500. The Federal Tax Credit would be $3,450.

PEC Solar Eligibility

  • The customer must have electric delivery service provided by PEC.
  • Customer must use an electrical contractor with an active Texas Electrical Contractors License.
  • All work in the State of Texas must be performed by licensed electricians.
  • Contractor must use qualifying Products
    • Solar panels must be UL Listed – UL 1703. Beware of unlisted products on the market.
    • Solar inverter must be UL Listed – UL 1741. UL 1741 protects the PEC lineman when repairing power lines.
  • Systems over 20 KW have to receive a special interconnection study.
  • HESOLAR assists the customer with the PEC Interconnection Agreement.


PEC Solar Delivery Process

  • HESOLAR assists customer with PEC Interconnection Agreement.
  • PEC approves application and gives HESOLAR permission to proceed with installation.
  • HESOLAR pulls permit if required.
  • HESOLAR completes installation of solar PV system and schedules inspection.
  • After inspection, HESOLAR submits verification form to PEC.
  • PEC performs interconnection test and replaces utility meter with special utility/solar meter.


PEC Utility InformationPEC-solar

Major cities in the PEC Network include Buda, Kyle, Canyon Lake, Blanco, Bulverde, Blanco, Johnson City, Dripping Springs, Oak Hill, Manchaca, Wimberley, Burnet, Bertram, Cedar Park, Austin, San Marcos, Lampasas, Liberty Hill, Junction, Johnson City, Boerne, New Braunfels, and Georgetown. Other utility companies surround the PEC network so special attention should be made if the customer is not sure about who is their electric provider.


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