Solar Panel Inspection & Repair

Solar Measurement and Verification

solar inverter measurement

Solar Professional Measuring an Inverter’s AC Voltage

HESOLAR is occasionally hired to run test on existing systems to verify their output. Solar PV system owners can use this service to make sure a system as performing as promised.

Large scale and complex solar PV systems may need periodic verification of system performance. A contract can be set up between HESOLAR and the end user to perform a scheduled performance review of solar modules, inverters, and batteries. Any faults will be identified and a bid will provided to bring the system back to maximum potential. System issues can sometimes go unseen for a long period of time, costing the owner money in lost production. Measurement and verification is a common fail safe in the industry to prevent loss in solar production.

Rates: Bid on Request


Solar Inspections

The solar industry is young and therefore has a few number of qualified inspection professionals. HESOLAR employs Master Electricians that are also NABCEP certified professionals who can review a systems compliance with the National Electric Code. Solar inspections can be useful for home owners and business owners purchasing property with solar power systems.

The National Electric Code is updated every 3 years with new requirements. Because of this, a system installed in 2008 will likely not comply with the 2011 code. This is especially true with the solar industry as new products are hitting the market daily to make systems safer.

A report will be provided highlighting any code violations. The system will also be checked to make sure it is performing as designed.

Rates: (No Panel Removal) $250 up to 10 kW, add $10 for every additional kW.
Rates: (Panel Removal)  $85 for trip visit and first 30 minutes of inspection. $105/hr after the initial 30 minutes.


Solar Panel Repair

solar carport maintenance

Repairs are rare and typically from installation errors.

HESOLAR can troubleshoot problems with your solar array and bring the system back to its expected performance. Common issues with solar PV system production includes excessive shading, improper installation practices, rodent damage, and inverter malfunction.

Rates: $85 for trip visit and first 30 minutes of troubleshooting. $105/hr after the initial 30 minutes.

Process: Our primary goal is to diagnose the problem. If possible, the problem will fixed immediately. If the problem cannot be fixed immediately, a diagnosis will be made and a bid will be given to complete the work. Solar module and inverter malfunctions are usually accommodated by the manufacturer as long as the product is still under warranty.

Availability: Our first priority is our clients. Scheduling can be delayed during peak seasons if we are performing installations for new customers. Warranty calls are also prioritized for our existing customers. Outside service calls will be scheduled at the soonest opening.


Solar Panel Removal

In the event that the solar needs to be removed for a roof replacement or remodel, HESOLAR can remove and store the solar equipment during the roof replacement. After replacement, we can reinstall the existing solar PV system to the new roof.

Rates: Bid on Request