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Hoffman Brothers at a solar panel installation in Austin Texas

Local Family Company.

Craftsmanship and Expertise you can only get from Master Electricians. Owner's Eric & Derrick Hoffman work direct w/ every customer.


Both are Licensed Master Electricians, NABCEP Certified Solar Installers, LEED AP's, and Local Austin Natives. The Hoffman brothers specialize in Solar Panel Installation & Cutting Edge Electrical Systems.

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black and white photo of owners eric and derrick hoffman standing in front of solar panels

Local Family

The Hoffman Brothers are 2nd generation Master Electricians - We are LOCAL to Austin Texas!

Licensed Electrical Contractor holding his license

Master Guarantee

A Licensed Master Electrician will be present AT ALL TIMES during the installation of your solar panels.

Derrick Hoffman displaying his NABCEP Certificate

NABCEP Guarantee

We also guarantee a NABCEP Solar Professional will by On-Site AT ALL TIMES for your project.

Panasonic solar panels 330 watt and 320 watt black

Premium Materials

Austin Solar Panels get a lot of sun. We make the most of this energy by using Panasonic HIT Solar Panels!

Solar Installation Types

Solar Austin - panels on an asphalt shingle roof

Asphalt Shingles

The most common roof type in Austin Texas. This roof is easily flashed for solar panels.

All black solar panels on a black metal roof in Austin

Metal Roofs

Solar Racking attaches directly to metal roof seams, requiring NO roof penetrations!

Solar Austin example of solar panels on a Spanish Tile roof

Tile Roofs

We use premium solar flashing that is designed and engineered for tile roofs.

Custom ground mounted solar panels installed by HESOLAR in Austin TX

Ground Mounts

Austin Residential Solar can be placed on the ground if your lot is large enough.

Austin Solar Information

Introduction to Solar:

How Solar Works:

Solar Panels utilize the Photovoltaic (PV) Process, where electricity is created when the panels are exposed to sunlight. Solar Inverters push the generated solar electricity into our homes electrical. Learn More

Solar Cost & Size:

How much does solar cost? What size system do I need? Our Solar Cost page shows the average solar cost in Austin TX for common solar system sizes.

Federal Tax Credit

A 30% Tax Credit is available for the entire system cost until December 31, 2019. Taxable Income is needed to apply the credit. Use IRS Form 5695 and Consult a licensed CPA to check your eligibility.

Property Tax Incentive

Texas Law prevents a Property Tax increase on the value of your Solar Panels.

Utility Incentives

Electric Companies have their own incentives and billing structures for Solar Owners. Austin Energy Information can be found below.

Solar Panels:

You will have many options when it comes to solar panels. Visit our Solar Panels Compared page to see how 2018’s latest Solar Panels stack up!

Solar Inverters:

3 types of Solar Inverters are common in the Austin Solar Market. We display the pros and cons of each on our Solar Inverters page.

Online Monitoring

Track EVERY Solar Panel w/ Online Solar Monitoring

online monitoring for Austin solar panels

Solar is a big investment. HESOLAR LLC’s Module Level Monitoring allows you to track the production for EVERY Solar Panel.

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Austin Energy

Rebate & Billing Information

Electric Utility Icon

Residential Solar Rebate:

AE has a flat rate rebate of $2500. The Solar Panel Installation will have to comply with guidelines and the home owner will be required to participate in an online solar education course. The quiz is under an hour and well worth the rebate!

HESOLAR will assist with all Solar Austin Energy Rebate documents… we make the process of going solar easy.

Austin Energy Billing:

(Very Important!) Austin Energy has a different billing structure than surrounding utilities. They use your existing electrical meter and add a solar meter. Your solar meter will keep track of solar production and apply the Value of Solar rate to solar production.

AE Value of Solar Rate:

This is the rate that AE will credit your solar energy production. The current Residential rate is $0.097/kWh and will be in place until 2021. You can check the current rate on the AE Solar Solutions Page.

Solar Financing:

Paying in full is the cheapest way to purchase to solar. If you need to finance your solar system then we recommend using Velocity Credit Union if you are an Austin Energy Customer.

We Can Help: The Hoffman Brothers make the rebate process simple. HESOLAR includes Rebate, Permitting, and HOA assistance in their pricing.

If you live in Austin but do not have Austin Energy as an electric provider then we can help. Visit our PEC and/or Bluebonnet page for solar information with these utilities.

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HESOLAR - Customer Experiences

– Latest Reviews from Google

Michael Cicchella
22:11 03 Mar 17
I hired HE Solar to install solar panels on our town home in the Mueller Neighborhood. Derrick, his brother and the rest of the crew did a great job. They provided good information during the sales process to help us make our decision the the execution of the installation was done timely and professionally. I would strongly recommend them if you are considering installing solar on your home.read more

Anoop Gulati
21:57 21 May 17
Multiple rebates, a staggering variety of options for solar systems & the complexity of grid-tie (or offline) solutions can all make Solar adoption a daunting task.Derrick & the crew at HE Solar took care of everything possible & made solar adoption a breeze.I 100% recommend HE Solar for all your solar needs!More detailed review below.HE Solar was one of the 7 local PV installers I reached out to get preliminary quotes. Derrick responded within a day asking the basic questions about my expectations and went on to schedule an on-site visit to discuss further details. Derrick was very through with explaining all the possible options, technical specifications and warranties associated with the products. The quote provided was simple, straight forward. No complicated (& inflated) retail price(s) followed by “special” discounts.HE Solar provided the most competitive (estimated) price for a PV system with either LG 320W & SP 327W PV panels.All initial correspondence occurred late Nov. 2016 and Derrick was professional (& honest) to suggest postponing installation until Oncor releases 2017 rebate details.I was not pushed to put any cash down in advance to “lock-in” my chance to get the Oncor rebate.Derrick reached out mid-Jan with a fresh quote, once again beating all other quotes.Apart from signing a few Oncor & HoA forms, the whole engagement was a breeze as Derrick took care of it all, with regular updates!Installation was completed per the agreed upon schedule.Derrick was present during installation and all the crew members were very professional.Derrick was on-point with updates once again during the wait for the interconnection agreement to complete.One more system walk through was provided while commissioning the system and a followup call was scheduled to go over the web portal monitoring.I’m glad I decided to work with HE Solar.read more

Cheryl Samiee
02:05 25 Mar 17
Everybody was friendly and they seem to have a great business ethic. In other words, they worked hard, did a great job, and cleaned up every night before leaving. I would definitely recommend them.

Geoffrey Wisbrock
23:00 26 Feb 17
I hired HE solar last summer to instal a solar array on my house. Because of my trees many other companies wouldn’t give me the time of day but HE solar was attentive be and professional. The system has been up and running since September and I am completely satisfied. I would recommend them to anyone.read more

Alejandro Munoz
15:31 04 Jan 17
Eric and Derrick are both Master Electricians, NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installers. That was my reason for selecting HE solar. The fact they were friendly and vary accommodating to work around someone not being at the home all the time, was a huge plus for me. I trust the work they did because of the professionalism they had. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family.read more

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Austin Solar Company Comparison

HESOLAR VS The Other Guys

HESOLAR Salesman Solar
Not Often
(NO, We sell Direct)
On-Site Master Electrician
On-Site NABCEP Professional
Subcontract Labor
Premium Materials
Not Often
Solar Panel 25 Yr Warranty
Not Often
Solar Inverter 25 Yr Warranty
Not Often
Workmanship 25 Yr Warranty
Not Often
Module Level Monitoring
Not Often
Financing w/ Hidden Fees