Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mount solar racking is a popular installation option for Austin Texas consumers with land.

Ground Mount Solar Benefits

  • Versatility – Ground Mount systems can be installed anywhere that has at least 6 hours of sunshine a day. The framing of the Ground Mount system can be customized to work on land of different grades and soil conditions.
  • Developed Industry – Ground Mount solar has become a large industry over the last 10 years which has sparked innovation in material availability. We can provide systems that are engineered to withstand the forces of nature.
  • Placement – Ground Mount solar panels are not placed on top of aging material like roof mount systems.
  • Accessibility – Solar panels are easily accessed at ground level. This makes cleaning and maintenance easy, although solar panels do not require much of either!
  • Design Choices – Ground mounts can be positioned for maximum solar production. Or they can be designed to produce more during certain times of day for advanced system designs.

Ground Mount Solar Considerations

  • Fixed or Tracking – We are commonly asked about the benefits of Ground Mount systems that track the sun opposed to systems that are fixed in one orientation. It is true that a tracking system will harvest more energy than a fixed system. In most cases, a fixed system is recommended over a tracking system for a few simple reasons:
    • Dependability: One of the most enticing characteristics of a solar power system is that they require little to no maintenance over the life of the system. The moving parts associated with a tracking system add mechanical points of failure and may require repair over the life of the system.
    • Cost: Tracking systems were more popular when the cost of solar panels was substantially higher. The idea was that you could get more out of your investment in solar by tracking as much sunlight as possible. Recently, the price of solar panels have dropped to a point where it is cheaper to increase the size of a fixed solar array than to install a tracking system of a comparable size.

      ground mount solar built in to a hill

      Micro-Inverters and unused real estate work well together

  • Fencing – Owners with children and land accessible by wildlife may want to consider installing fencing around their Ground Mount solar panels. Vandalism, theft, and tampering can easily be prevented by raising the height of the structure or surrounding the structure with a privacy fence.
  • Future Development – We encourage our customers to be thoughtful of possible shading issues during the life of the system. Keep in mind that trees and other plants can grow, potentially casting shade over the solar system in the future. Also, it is a good idea to communicate with your Austin neighbors about future buildings and structures that could also cause an issue.


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