Dirty Solar Panels – Should you clean them?

“Should I clean them???” …it’s a question we get from customers before (and after) we install solar panels. The answer depends on the amount of lost energy and electricity savings. Let’s find out how much energy you are losing by having dirty solar panels.   Article Navigation: Experiment Process The Results Our Conclusion Impact of… Continue reading →

Northwest Austin – Tilt Leg Solar

This Project Highlight takes a look at a Tilt Leg Solar System in Northwest Austin. Tilt leg systems are common for Commercial Buildings with flat roofs. Occasionally we will use a similar design on residential projects with low slope roofs. The Design Phase We started by reviewing historical consumption (kWh) and available space on the… Continue reading →

The Colony – Bastrop, TX

We had the pleasure of working with the Wood family on their new Solar system this May. Below are the site conditions we took into consideration for system design: Solar Panel Location: We start by using satellite imagery to look at the site. This imagery allows us to run a preliminary analysis of roof direction, shade, ground mount… Continue reading →

Services for Architects and Builders

Why HESOLAR? Experience – Knowledgeable Electricians Working with You. At HESOLAR, we understand the construction process and have 15+ years of experience working with builders as electrical subcontractors. Construction solar projects are designed and installed by Master Electricians with NABCEP certification. Good Communication – Always Available We understand that the main problem builders face is getting… Continue reading →

Electrical Service Panels – Upgrade & Repairs

  Electrical panel service upgrades are often required for the following reasons: Solar Interconnection – Service Upgrade Electrical Panel Service may be required when a large solar photovoltaic system is interconnected. The National Electrical Code (NEC) requires that the solar breaker and main service breaker not exceed 120% of the electrical busbar. If the NEC requirement becomes… Continue reading →

Solar Efficiency

Solar Efficiency Facts and Opinions- What panels should you buy? Solar efficiency questions often leads to confusion about system quality. Solar panels are available from 8% to 22% efficiency, which doesn’t sound super impressive until you understand what it really means. Here is a quick breakdown: The sun delivers 1000Watts of energy per square meter to our… Continue reading →

Ideal Rooftops for Solar

If you live in an urban area like Austin, San Marcos or New Braunfels, placing solar panels on your roof may be the only option. Roofs raise the solar panels elevation, minimizing shading from nearby trees. This maximizes output and can even create passive air flow under the solar panels, slightly lowering the amount of… Continue reading →

A look at Project Sunroof by Google

Home Owners can now easily gauge the amount of solar need on their home using Project Sunroof. How it works: Home Owners can enter their address on the Project Sunroof Website. Google will then display the amount of solar exposure and unshaded roof space for solar panels. Scrolling down will provide a Solar System Size… Continue reading →

An In-Depth Look at Solar Energy Production

Consumers need to have a good idea of how much solar energy they will be producing once they have commissioned a system. Most Solar Companies will provide a production report during the bidding phase. Most production reports will be a ball park estimate using a solar production software such as PV Watts. PV Watts is… Continue reading →