Scheduling for Solar Power Systems

The delivery process from quote request to the finished product. The following schedule was created to educate our Customers on the solar installation process for retrofit systems. Retrofit systems are solar pv systems that are installed on already built homes. The schedule varies depending on the size of the Solar PV System, the Utility Provider,… Continue reading →

The SMA Secure Power Supply

An added benefit to Grid-Ties Solar systems. The new line of SMA Sunny Boy Inverters come with an innovative new feature, the emergency power outlet. The Secure Power Supply (emergency power outlet) provides electricity to a single outlet when the grid is down and the sun is shining. It is important to stress the fact… Continue reading →

Adding Batteries to an Existing Solar System

Solar PV and Batteries complement each other well. Recent advancements in technology have made solar battery systems more efficient and customizable. This is great news for consumers that are looking to purchase a Solar Battery System, but what about consumers that have already invested in a Grid-Tied Systems without batteries? We can convert existing Grid-Tie… Continue reading →

Guide to selecting a Solar Contractor

Our guide to selecting a solar contractor is designed to simplify the bidding process. The below information will educate consumers on the solar contractor selection process:   Contents: I. Understanding the solar bidding process II. Understanding the solar construction process III. Solar Contractor Qualifications IV. The Installation Crew V. System Design VI. Common Sales Tactics to look out for: VII. Solar Contract… Continue reading →

American Made Solar Systems

Insight into purchasing an American Made Solar System Many customers ask about material made in America. HESOLAR takes pride in offering the highest quality materials available and always makes an effort to offer American made options. Many of the other components other than the solar panels and inverters are Made in America. We specify American Products… Continue reading →

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need? Sizing a Solar System

Customers always ask us, how many solar panels do i need? We take a lot of factors in consideration for sizing solar. The below information will allow potential solar consumers make an educated decision on what system size they need: What are you solar system expectations? Every HESOLAR system is custom designed to fit the customer’s needs. Our… Continue reading →

New Technology and Products – InterSolar 2014

The solar industry is always evolving which is why we headed down to Intersolar 2014. Intersolar is an international trade show that provides industry specific conferences, product exhibits, and advanced training. Our main goal (besides finding some local craft brew!) was to talk to emerging energy storage vendors about backup power solutions. Day 1 – The… Continue reading →

String inverters VS. Micro Inverters VS. DC Optimizers

Solar inverters change the DC electricity that is produced by solar panels in to AC electricity that is used by homes and buildings. Three technologies are available for installation: String Inverters, Micro Inverters, and DC Optimizers. You may have only heard of one or two of these technologies. This article is to help our customers better understand… Continue reading →

New Construction Solar – Integrating solar in the construction process

(Archived from our old website – Originally posted on May 12, 2012) Note: Content is still very relevant for new construction solar projects   New Construction solar is the process of integrating solar in the design and pre-construction phase of a project. HESOLAR works with general contractors, architects, and sub-contractors in the new construction phase… Continue reading →