Scheduling for Solar Power Systems

The delivery process from quote request to the finished product.

The following schedule was created to educate our Customers on the solar installation process for retrofit systems. Retrofit systems are solar pv systems that are installed on already built homes. The schedule varies depending on the size of the Solar PV System, the Utility Provider, and Material availability. We encourage our Customers to contact us at any time to receive an update on the solar installation process.

STEP 1 – Quote Request

  • Customer submits online quote request or calls HESOLAR requesting a quote for solar.
  • We perform a rooftop review via satellite imagery or a drafted roof plan.
  • We provide a “Ballpark Estimate” which includes approximate system cost and production savings.
  • Customer reviews Ballpark Estimate and requests formal Proposal.
  • HESOLAR visits residence/business and performs site survey.
  • We then submit an Official Design and Proposal to Customer

STEP 2 – Contract

  • Customer approves contract price and design.
  • HESOLAR assists Customer with required Utility Paperwork.
  • Customer pays Partial Material Draw to initiate system installation.
  • HESOLAR submits Utility paperwork and pulls required permits.
  • HESOLAR orders material for project.
  • HESOLAR contacts Customer with estimated timeline for project installation.

STEP 3 – Installation

  • HESOLAR begins installation of Solar Photovoltaic System.
    • Flashing and Racking (1/4 day – 2 days)
    • Inverter Installation and Wiring (1/2 day – 3 days)
    • Solar Panel Installation (1/4 day – 2 days)
    • Solar Monitoring Installation (1 hour – 1 day)
    • Installation Processes and time vary by project type and size.
  • HESOLAR completes installation of Solar PV System and calls in required Inspections.

STEP 4 – Finalize Project

  • HESOLAR submits completion documents to Utility and Authority having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • Utility Company and AHJ inspect system.
  • Utility schedules the meter to be replaced with a solar meter after inspection.
  • Customer pays Final Draw.
  • HESOLAR provides Paid Invoice for Customer’s Records.