American Made Solar Systems

Insight into purchasing an American Made Solar System

Many customers ask about material made in America. HESOLAR takes pride in offering the highest quality materials available and always makes an effort to offer American made options. Many of the other components other than the solar panels and inverters are Made in America. We specify American Products for may reasons:

  • The right economical decision – We support American jobs that will in turn help sustain and expand our economy.
  • Sustainable Delivery – Shipment of American Made products requires less fuel and resources.
  • Superior Quality – American Manufacturing is held to a higher standard than it’s oversea Competitors.
  • Ethical Business Practices – Businesses operating in America are held to a higher standard than many overseas solar panel manufacturers.

The Complexity of Buying American

Providing American components has become more difficult over recent years. Oversea competitors have brought down pricing and cut profits to many American manufacturers. We also found that many companies were finding ways to claim “American Made,” when in fact very little production took place in the USA. HESOLAR has decided to switch it’s focus to using the highest quality materials available. We still specify American products as much as possible but our overall goal is to make sure our customers materials maintain their product warranties.

Below is a list of the American products we can specify:

  • Solar World – These modules are among the most aesthetically pleasing and highly efficient modules on the market.
  • *** (No longer 100% Made in America) SMA Inverters – Made in Colorado, SMA is the Industry Leader when it comes to innovation and efficiency. NOTE as of 2017 SMA is closing the Colorado facility.
  • Quickmount Flashing – This flashing goes beyond the minimum standard width of 8 inches and prevents any chance of potential leaks during the life of the system.
  • Southwire – The leading manufacturer of wire in North America.

We also provide other brands and products by request.

More information can be found in our solar panels and solar inverters sections.