New Construction Solar – Integrating solar in the construction process

(Archived from our old website – Originally posted on May 12, 2012) Note: Content is still very relevant for new construction solar projects


New Construction solar is the process of integrating solar in the design and pre-construction phase of a project. HESOLAR works with general contractors, architects, and sub-contractors in the new construction phase to optimize performance of the solar array. This job outlined in this article is the personal home for Cameron and Keri Chmelik of John Cameron Custom Homes.


New Construction solar flashing

New construction solar flashing

The Chemlik project features a 9 KW micro inverter system installed in Lakeway, Texas. This array installation has gone especially smooth because our family electric company, Hoffman Electric, installed the electrical wiring in the home as well.


roof layout


Here are a few of the advantages to installing solar during the construction process instead of after construction is completed:

  • New Construction Flashing:

    Using new construction flashing allows for faster installation of racking support and flashing. Installation for new construction solar flashing takes place before the shingles are on, so it also reduces wear on the roof during solar installation.

  • Roof Penetration Issues Solved:

    Architects and general contractors can have plumbing and HVAC vents routed away from prime solar array locations.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Solar Arrays:

    During the rough stage of construction we can more easily run conduit through the attic for PV source circuits and micro inverter output circuits. This eliminates the conduit often seen running across a residential roof.

  • Designing the Electrical Service:

    Pre-planning for solar allows the electrical contractor to size the electrical service for the solar array.

  • Lower Cost:

    Labor costs of installation is lower compared to existing homes and buildings. The main cost of solar systems is in the material so the cost is not substantially lower but it is worth mentioning.

  • Easy Financing:

    The cost of the solar array can be rolled in to the home’s mortgage.

  • Optimum Roof Design:

    There are even more benefits if the owner knows they want solar before the design phase has started. An architect can design a roof that is the perfect angle and size for a solar array. This optimizes the solar array’s output.


We have spent the last 10 years forming partnerships with amazing general contractors and builders that have the same passion for quality as we do.

HESOLAR is looking to partner with other home builders, owners, and architects who build sustainable homes and want to install solar or pre-design for solar.