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HESOLAR is a solar power and energy storage provider based out of Buda, TX

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HESOLAR is a premium installer of solar panels, energy storage and electric vehicle charging stations. We are proud to be a Panasonic Premium Solar Installer.
Our headquarters are located in Buda TX which makes this market very important to us. Give us a call to schedule a Solar or Energy Storage Consultation!

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HESOLAR Resources

for Buda & Kyle TX

PEC Solar Information
Buda and Kyle residents have PEC as their Electric Utility Provider. PEC allows net-metered billing which allows you to feed excess energy into the grid and utilize that energy later in the day! Learn more about the PEC Solar Interconnection process.

Solar Basics
We have put together an introduction to solar power that explains how it works. Visit our how solar energy works page and give us a call if you want a free estimate or need more information.

Solar Cost
Our Solar Panels Cost page gets straight to the point and shows you average solar cost for the Greater Buda area. We also include pictures of sytems sizes so you can get an idea of what system size you need and how much it will cost.

Company Page
Learn more about what makes our company great on our About HESOLAR page. Make sure you say hi when you see us around town. Our shop is down South Loop 4 just south of Downtown Buda.

Stay plugged in on solar, energy storage, and electric vehicle information with our  Articles page. This section highlights industry news and project overviews for various HESOLAR jobs.

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Our Services:

Solar Panels in Buda Texas

Solar Power

Create your own power and lower your electric bill with Solar Power.

Battery Bank installed in Kyle TX

Energy Storage

Back-Up power for grid outages and off grid power for remote areas.

Electric Vehicle Charging for Buda and Kyle

Car Charging

HESOLAR can add a 240 Volt circuit for TESLA and other electric vehicles.

Solar Electrician checking the voltage of a solar inverter

Inspection & Repair

For those that went with another solar contractor, we off inspection and repair.

HESOLAR - Project Highlights

Buda & Kyle TX

Whispering Hollow Solar (Buda TX): This project utilized both the East and West facing roofs to form a large residential array.
Solar Panels on a West facing roof in Buda TX

Electric Utility: PEC

Solar Capacity: 11,880 Watts

Solar Panels Type: 36 (12 East Facing, 24 x West Facing)x Panasonic HIT 330 Watt Solar panels.

Solar Inverter(s): SolarEdge 11400, SolarEdge P400 DC Optimizers

Buda Commercial Solar: Large facilities and commercial buildings with peak loads during sunlight hours (HVAC) are a perfect fit for solar.
Commercial solar installation in Buda TX

Electric Utility: PEC

Electricity Type: 120/208Y

Solar Capacity: 64,680 Watts

Solar Panels Type: 196 x Panasonic 330W HIT Solar Panels

Solar Inverter(s): SolarEdge 3-Phase Inverters w/ DC Optimizers


Kyle Solar Installation:
Solar Panels on a residential roof in Kyle TX

Electric Utility: PEC

Solar Capacity: 3,270 Watts

Solar Panels Type: 10 x SunPower 327W Solar Panels

Solar Inverter(s): SolarEdge Inverter, SolarEdge P400 DC Optimizers


Whispering Hollow Solar: This Buda Solar Panel Installation has been online for years now!
Poly Solar panels on a Metal Roof in Buda

Electric Utility: PEC

Solar Capacity: 8,000 Watts

Solar Panels Type: 32 x SolarWorld 250W Solar Panels

Solar Inverter(s): 2 x SMA 4000TL Solar Inverters