Bluebonnet Electric Solar Service

Providing Solar To Bastrop, Elgin, & Smithville Texas

Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative (BBEC) provides electricity to areas east of Austin, including Bastrop and East San Marcos TX.  HESOLAR Owners, Derrick and Eric Hoffman, are from Bastrop and have provided electrical service in the Bluebonnet area for over 15 years. The easy application process and close proximity of Bluebonnet allows HESOLAR to offer low, competitive prices that are comparable to utilities with a solar rebate.

Bluebonnet Solar Information


Bluebonnet Electric allows for Solar Interconnection

Returned Solar Tariff:  Bluebonnet has two rate on their meters:

  • Delivered Energy: $0.087 /kWh. This is the cost for consumed electricity.
  • Returned Energy: $0.063 /kWh. This is the credit you receive for solar energy fed in to the grid.

Solar Tariff vs Net Metering: A Solar Tariff’s benefit will depend on whether it is more or less than the Delivered Rate. Right now the Tariff is lower meaning that excess solar energy not consumed by loads will be credited less than you could buy the energy for. Below are key-points for understanding Bluebonnet’s Solar Tariff:

  • Bluebonnet allows previous solar owners to use net-metered billing. All consumers moving forward (September 2017) Will be limited to the Solar Tariff Option.
  • The Solar Tariff Rate will be recalculated every August.
  • HESOLAR typically saw a 10 to 12 year Return on Investment for solar power systems in the Bluebonnet territory with Net-Metering. We will no longer be able to estimate Solar Returns because we will not know how much solar energy your home or business will consume… unless you have energy storage (more on that below).
  • Return on Investment is the amount of time it takes for solar energy savings from electricity bills to pay off the system (i.e. $126/month savings for 120 months). Our Solar Panels carry a 25 year warranty meaning consumers save money every month after hitting their break even point.
  • Hypothetically consumers could still have a 10 to 12 year Return on Investment with Solar Tariff if they knew they were consuming or storing all excess solar energy that their home didn’t consume.
  • Energy Storage adds cost but can allow consumers to capture excess electricity and use it in the evening when their solar panels are no longer producing. These systems are gaining popularity because the offer backup power during power outages. HESOLAR Battery Systems allow consumers to recharge their batteries with solar panels… if the system is large enough you will essentially be off grid!


Federal Tax Credit: The federal tax credit provides a 30% tax credit for people and businesses that have tax liability (you pay taxes). The Federal Tax Credit is 30% of the total system cost for solar installation. More information on the Solar Tax Credit on the

Tax Credit Example: If a Customer purchased a 6KW Solar PV System for $18,000. The Federal Tax Credit would be $5,400. Note: Pricing Varies


Bluebonnet Solar Eligibility

  • Be a customer of Bluebonnet Electric Coop.
  • State of Texas requires system be interconnected by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.
  • Contractor must use qualifying products
    • Solar panels must be UL Listed – UL 1703. Beware of unlisted products on the market.
    • Solar inverter must be UL Listed – UL 1741. UL 1741 protects the Bluebonnet lineman when repairing power-lines.
  • Systems over 10 KW have to receive a special interconnection study.
  • HESOLAR assists the Customer with the Bluebonnet Interconnection Agreement.


Bluebonnet Solar Connection Process

  • HESOLAR assists customer with Bluebonnet Interconnection Agreement.
  • Bluebonnet approves application and gives HESOLAR permission to proceed with installation.
  • HESOLAR pulls permit if required.
  • HESOLAR completes installation of solar PV system and schedules inspection.
  • After inspection, HESOLAR notifies Bluebonnet Electric Coop of completion.
  • Bluebonnet performs interconnection test and replaces utility meter with special utility/solar meter.


Bluebonnet Utility Company

map showing bluebonnet electric coop service area

Bluebonnet Service Map

Major areas in the Bluebonnet Network include Bastrop, Lockhart, Giddings, Caldwell, Brenham, Smithville, Cedar Creek, Elgin, San Marcos, Del Valle, Austin, and the City of Dale which used to be a booming community. Other utilities surround the Bluebonnet Network so special attention should be made if the customer is not sure about who is their electric provider.


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