Solar Careers

At HESOLAR, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our employees. Our team of solar professionals have a passion for renewable energy and we are always looking to expand.

All Candidates should agree with the HESOLAR Code of Ethics:

  1. All work should be completed and performed with honesty, integrity, and highest quality.
  2. Professionalism is top priority. HESOLAR team members are actively pursuing:
    • Continuing education in field of expertise and the solar industry.
    • Safety education and awareness.
    • Workplace efficiency.
    • Advancing team goals and company direction.
    • Education in environmental awareness.

      Professional Installation

      Professional Installation

  3. All clients are treated with the utmost respect. Clients’ privacy and security is prioritized and respected.
  4. Shortcuts are not an option. All aspects of work are done per requirements (law, jurisdiction rules, and electrical code).
  5. Consumption of alcohol or drugs and being under the influence at work is not acceptable.


Positions Available


Solar Electrician

Job Description: A Solar Electrician performs all tasks involved with the installation of solar PV installation. Tasks are delegated based on experience and electrical license. Tasks include flashing installation, solar racking installation, solar panel installation, solar panel wiring, raceway installation, raceway wiring, service equipment installation, inverter installation, switchgear installation, material stocking, jobsite cleanup, and battery wiring.

Job Requirements: Employee must be capable of:

  • Ability to work well with other professionals.
  • Working on tall ladders and on roofs.
  • Working in outside conditions.
  • Lifting heavy equipment.
  • Reading and interpreting electrical diagrams.
  • Following NEC electrical requirements.
  • Following OSHA requirements.

Credentials: Employees should possess at least an Apprentice Electrician License. Payment is based on experience and the following credentials:

  • State of Texas Electrical License (Apprentice, Residential Wireman, Journeyman, and Master)
  • NABCEP Certification (Entry Level, Solar PV Professional)
  • OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour certification
  • Education: High School required; Trade School/College/Military is a plus
  • Passing a Criminal Background Check.

Location: Employee will meet at construction site and shop location in the Central Texas, greater Austin area.

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Outside Sales Agent

Job Description: An Outside Sales Agent is responsible for educating potential customers on the benefits of purchasing a solar photovoltaic system. Beyond educating the customer, the Outside Sales Agent must propose a design, price, and contract under the support of the HESOLAR sales team. Payment is commission based with possibility of based salary once performance has been established.

Job Requirements: Employee must be capable of:

  • Procuring leads through presentations, networking, and creative marketing.
  • Providing baseline costs to customers without the involvement of HESOLAR.
  • Assist customer with utility and rebate paperwork.
  • Assist customer with payback information and contract.
  • Supplying customers with reliable information and correct financial calculations.
  • Providing a weekly sales report to HESOLAR.
  • Providing own means of transportation.
  • Working knowledge of utility requirements, rebate amounts, and government incentives.
  • Providing a professional experience when representing HESOLAR.
  • Passing a criminal background check.

Credentials: Experience and character are a huge factor. Candidates should possess or be in pursuit of the NABCEP Technical Sales Certification. Candidate must possess at least a high school diploma and college (2 and 4 year) education is preferred.

Location: Sales must be procured in the HESOLAR service area. Grid-Tied System sales should be procured in the Central Texas Area excluding San Antonio (CPS Energy). Off-Grid Systems can be procured in the entire state of Texas.

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