Solar w/ Backup Power

Backup solar power systems provide electricity during power failure. We offer multiple backup power options including battery backup systems that are charged by solar electricity.

solar array on backup system

Our Backup Power Systems utilizes solar energy!

Here is a basic breakdown of how a solar backup power system works:

  • Your solar power system produces power when the sun is out.
  • The solar power has two jobs from this point.
    • 1st priority is to charge the batteries and keep them full in preparation of a grid outage.
    • 2nd priority is to feed all loads.
  • A well designed system will keep the battery storage charged while the sun is out as well as power all loads.
  • Our backup systems will isolate themselves from the grid during an outage to enable use of solar production. This feature is not available for grid tied systems without battery backup.


HESOLAR offers the following back-up power options:

TESLA Powerwalls — HESOLAR is a certified TESLA Powerwall installer for the great Austin TX area.

Battery Backup — Batteries store energy and provide electricity during the events of power failure. Batteries can be integrated into solar PV systems, which will allow solar PV to continue producing during the event of a power failure.

Flooded Lead Acid — Our cheapest battery option is also the highest maintenance. Flooded batteries require adequate ventilation and monitoring of the batteries specific gravity.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid — We recommend VRLA batteries to most of our customers because of their low maintenance design.

Generators — We can connect certain generators to our off grid solar systems. Note: we only connect the electrical on generators and do not provide the units.



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