San Marcos Electric Utility (SMEU)

Solar Panels in San Marcos Texas

SMEU Solar Rebate

Customers of SMEU are elgible for the San Marcos Distributed Generation Rebate Program. HESOLAR is a local Electrical Contractor that specializes in Solar Energy.

Solar Rebate Description – SMEU

Residential Solar Rebate: $1.00/Watt with a cap of $2,500. The rebate may not exceed 50% of the installed cost.
Commercial Solar Rebate: $1.00/Watt with a cap of $5,000. The rebate may not exceed 50% of the installed cost.

Example: If a qualifying SMEU Customer purchased an 8kW Solar PV System for $24,000. They would receive a San Marcos rebate of $2,500, bringing the turn-key cost to $21,500. On top of the rebate, the Customer will also be eligible for a Federal Tax Credit of $6,450. This would bring the final out of pocket cost to $15,050. (More information on the 30% Federal Tax Credit for Solar Energy)

SMEU Solar Rebate – Eligibility
HESOLAR technician installing a solar panel

  • Must be a City of San Marcos Electric Utility Customer in good standing.
  • Rebate Applicant must be the Property Owner and SMEU Customer.
  • Homes must meet minimum energy efficiency criteria.
  • 12 months of electric usage history.
  • Solar Array must be larger than 1kW.
  • Systems designed to produce more than 100% annual energy consumption.
  • Don’t let the requirements be intimidating! Working with HESOLAR makes this easy. We assist with all rebate, permitting and HOA requirements.


SMEU Solar Rebate – System Requirements

  • Customer must use a Contractor with NABCEP Certification and an active Texas Electrical Contractors License. (HESOLAR has both requirements)
  • Customer must use a City Registered Contractor.
  • Contractor must use Qualifying Products
    • Solar Panels must be listed by the California Solar Initiative and carry a standard 25 year performance warranty. All Solar Panels specified by HESOLAR meet these requirements.
    • Solar Inverter must be listed by the California Solar Initiative and carry a standard 5 year warranty. Solar Inverters specified by HESOLAR exceed these requirements.


SMEU Solar Rebate Process

  • Customer schedules a free energy audit and renewable energy inspection with the City of San Marcos Electric Utility Conservation Department.
  • Customer notifies HESOLAR once energy audit is approved by the City of San Marcos.
  • HESOLAR pulls permit and submits required documentation to the City of San Marcos.
  • City staff reviews and approves permit for solar pv installation.
  • HESOLAR completes installation of solar pv system and schedules inspection.
  • After inspection, Customer submits solar rebate application, copy of paid invoice, and warranty information to the San Marcos Electric Utility.
  • City staff approves application and sends solar rebate check to Customer.



San Marcos Electric Utility is in-between PEC and Bluebonnet

City of San Marcos Electric Utility

The San Marcos Electric Utility covers a large portion of the City of San Marcos, Texas. PEC and Bluebonnet surround the San Marcos Electric Utility so attention should be made if the Customer is not sure about who is their electric provider.



HESOLAR’s office is situated conveniently between San Marcos and Austin TX allowing us to offer both communities great service. Owners Eric and Derrick Hoffman are both Texas State University Alums and are active in the San Marcos community. Visit our San Marcos Solar page for more information on the solar panel services we offer in the greater San Marcos area!