Oncor Solar

Solar Rebates for Oncor Customers

Solar Carport 2

Solar Carport Installed by HEsolar in the Oncor network.

Oncor provides a solar rebate to customers that purchase solar PV systems for their homes and businesses in Temple or south of Waco. Oncor rebate funds are typically added at the beginning of the year and depleted in the first few months of the year. Check with Oncor at the beginning of the year to make sure you don’t miss out.


Oncor Rebate Eligibility

  • The customer must have electric delivery service provided by Oncor.
  • Customer must use an electrical contractor with NABCEP Certification and an active Texas Electrical Contractors License. (HESOLAR has both requirements)
  • Customer must use an Oncor approved contractor.
  • Contractor must use qualifying products
    • Solar panels must be listed by the California Energy Commission and carry a standard 25 year performance warranty. All Solar panels specified by HESOLAR meet these requirements.
    • Solar inverter must be listed by the California Energy Commission and carry a standard 5 year warranty. Solar inverters specified by HESOLAR exceed these requirements.
  • The minimum system size is 1 KW and the maximum system size eligible for the rebate is 10 KW.
  • HESOLAR only services Oncor area south of Waco.


Oncor Rebate Process

  • HESOLAR assists customer with Oncor Rebate Paperwork and Interconnection Agreement.
  • Oncor approves application and gives HESOLAR permission to proceed with installation.
  • HESOLAR pulls permit if required.
  • HESOLAR completes installation of solar PV system and schedules inspection.
  • After inspection, HESOLAR submits solar rebate application, copy of paid invoice, and warranty information to customer and Oncor.
  • Oncor approves application and sends solar rebate check to HESOLAR.