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NBU – Solar Panel Installation

NOTICE: New Braunfels residents! You may be covered by PEC, GVEC or CPS, the below article covers NBU utilities.

Solar Panels installed on a Home in New Braunfels

New Braunfels Utilities (NBU) provides electric delivery to most of New Braunfels, TX.  HESOLAR is proud to offer service in New Braunfels, The Hoffman Family has been a part of the New Braunfels Community since the early 1800s. The easy application process and close proximity of NBU allows HESOLAR to offer low prices comparable to pricing in Utilities with a solar rebate. NBU also requires a small monthly fee for renewable generation which is currently $1.37 per kW.

New Braunfels Utilities Solar Information

Net-Metering: Net Metering means that all solar electricity is first directed to the Consumer’s personal loads before feeding back in to the grid. Keep in mind that if you produce more solar energy than you consumer during a billing cycle, NBU will not purchase the excess solar energy. HESOLAR will assist in custom designing a system that does not over produce. $1.37 /kW will be added to the customers bill for connected solar systems.

Example: A 10kW solar system will have an additional fee of $10.37 on each monthly bill.

Federal Tax Credit: Residential and Commercial Customers are eligible for the Federal Tax Credit. The Federal Tax Credit is 30% of the total system cost for solar installation. More information on the Solar Tax Credit is available on our solar incentives page.

Example: If a Customer purchased a 8KW Solar PV System for $23,000. The federal 30% Tax Credit would be $6,900. Bringing the total investment down to $16,100!

New Braunfels Utilities Solar Rebate Eligibility

  • NBU offers a rebate for systems that generate during the peak load on the grid (Afternoon). While this is great news for Whataburger, it likely won’t benefit you if your home isn’t an A-Frame. You must meet the following requirements:
    • Azimuth between 180° (South) and 270° (West)
    • Tilt between 45° and 80°
    • Note that this is for an incredibly steep roof facing South to West, most of our customers don’t meet these requirements.
  • Rebate Amount: As of 5/13/2019 the rebate is $0.50 a watt with a $3,000 cap. The rebate is based on the lower of the two:
    • Number of Modules x the PTC rating of the solar panels, or
    • Inverter Output Rating
  • The Customer must have electric delivery service provided by NBU.
  • Customer must use an Electrical Contractor with an active Texas Electrical Contractors License.
  • All work in the State of Texas must be performed by licensed Electricians.
  • Work must be completed by a City of New Braunfels registered Contractor.
  • Contractor must use Qualifying Products
    • Solar Panels must be UL Listed – UL 1703. Beware of unlisted products on the market.
    • Solar Inverter must be UL Listed – UL 1741. UL 1741 protects the NBU Lineman when repairing powerlines.

HESOLAR assists the Customer with the NBU Interconnection Agreement.

maps showing NBU service area

NBU Service Area