Grid Tied Solar Systems

Grid tied solar energy systems are the most common system installation in Austin Texas. Solar electricity first powers any loads in the home or business. Excess electricity is fed into the grid, giving the customer a credit with their energy provider.

Here is a basic break down of how a Grid Tie system works:grid tied solar

  • Your solar photovoltaic system produces Direct Current (DC) electricity when the sun is out. This DC electricity is fed to an inverter where the power is converted in to Alternating Current electricity.
  • The AC power leaves the inverter and feeds in to the electrical distribution panel.
  • Your produced solar electricity first powers any loads you may have in your home or business (ex. lights, TV, air conditioning, etc.).
  • If your home or business is using less electricity than you are producing then you will begin feeding power into the grid.
  • The excess electricity that is fed in to the grid will be credited by the power provider and you will be able to utilize this credit at night when you are no longer producing electricity.
  • The common expression is that the meter “runs backwards” when you over produce and “rolls forward” when you are no longer producing. This expression is a bit dated however, because most meters are now digital and digitally record power production and use.

Benefits of a HESOLAR Grid Tied Solar System

High Quality Installation — We guarantee a high quality system by having Master Electricians and NABCEP Certified Installers leading each and every job!

Competitive System Cost — We are a local family company that specializes in advanced electrical installations. Our small company structure helps keep overhead cost down.

Multiple Product Options — We offer multiple color and size options, while only using the highest quality solar modules and inverters.

10 year Workmanship Warranty — Our warranty covers installation workmanship. We utilize high quality control to limit potential warranty issues.

Family Company Ethics — We are a local family company that specializes in advanced electrical installations. As a customer you will deal first hand with owners Eric, Derrick, and/or Tom Hoffman. This allows us to meet and exceed every customer’s expectations.



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