The Colony – Bastrop, TX

We had the pleasure of working with the Wood family on their new Solar system this May. Below are the site conditions we took into consideration for system design:solar panels on a single story home in Bastrop Texas

  • Solar Panel Location: We start by using satellite imagery to look at the site. This imagery allows us to run a preliminary analysis of roof direction, shade, ground mount options, etc.. Preliminary analysis is followed by an on-site visit where we take measurements of roof space and perform a shade analysis. The Wood project had unobstructed South-Western and South-Eastern space on the backside of the house.

  • Electricity Consumption: We use previous electric bills to determine how many solar panels are needed to offset their electric consumption. We recommend designing for Spring and Fall in Bluebonnet Electric Coop territory. Bastrop residents can learn more about going solar on our Bluebonnet Electric Solar page.

  • Solar Panel Quantity: Using roof space measurements and previous electric bills we are able to design a custom solar power system. We make solar panel recommendations based on the results from our solar panel comparison array.



Wood Solar Highlights:birds eye view of solar panels on a roof in Bastrop Texas

  • 20 x Panasonic HIT 330W Solar Panels
  • 20 x SolarEdge P400 DC Optimizers (See Module Level Monitoring Below!)
  • 1 x SolarEdge 6000 Watt Inverter
  • SnapNRack Flashing / Racking: We love the final aesthetic we achieve with SnapNrack Racking. All rails are black anodized aluminum and have an invisible edge that is cut flush with the solar panels.
  • No Conduit! Nothing looks better than a solar array with hidden conduit on the roof.


Online Monitoring

view of solar edge's online monitoring

SolarEdge online monitoring allows you to watch the production for every Solar Panel!