Advantages of Solar Energy

Control Your Electricity Bill

When home and business owners purchase a solar power system, they are locking in on a low energy rate for the next 25+ years.

Solar can lower your electric bill substantially.

Solar can lower your electric bill substantially.


Solar is a Worthy Investment


Electricity rates have historically risen about 4% per year. – As electricity prices increase, so does energy savings.

Solar has no recurring maintenance cost. – The solar panels just sit on your roof and do their job, year after year.

ROI for a Solar Panel System in Austin, Tx

ROI for a Solar Panel System in Austin, Tx



Good for the Grid, Better for the EnvironmentGo Green with Solar

Texans use Power…  a lot of Power.

Traditional power sources use coal, natural gas, and nuclear technology to produce electricity. Solar benefits Texans greatly:

  • Decentralized Grid – If a power plant ever failed, the effects would be catastrophic. Solar Power Systems are mini power plants that are scattered throughout neighborhoods and business parks, making consumers less dependable on large power plants.
  • Peak Demand Power — Solar energy produces best during our peak demand periods. This is great news for off grid system owners as well as customers of utilities that have higher peak demand rates.
  • CO2 Emissions – Solar produces 1/7th of the CO2 as natural gas plants and 1/20th of the Co2 produced by coal plants.
  • Water Saved – Traditional power plants use water to build steam and spin turbines. Solar saves on water usage.


Benefit The Local Austin Economy

We are a local Austin solar energy company and use premium products like Panasonic and SolarEdge making Solar energy an environmentally friendly power source with local economic benefits!



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