Solar Referral Program

The HE Solar Referral Bonus Program

HE Solar provides a referral program to entice our customers and others to spread the word of solar. Marketing in a competitive area such as Central Texas can be costly. The offset marketing costs of a referral allow us to provide an incentive to the referrer without transferring the cost to the referee.


Referral Process


  • Provide Customer with HE Solar information. We encourage our customers to browse our website and educate themselves on How Solar Works and Solar Cost.
  • Contact HE Solar and notify that a referral was made. Please include the name of the customer, their contact information, and best source of contact.
  • Referral bonus will only be paid if the referral leads to a contract. Once the customer has signed a contract, payment will be made to the referrer.
  • HE Solar may turn down referral if solar access is not available or for other unseen conditions.
  • Method of solicitation must be approved by HE Solar prior to engagement.
  • Referrer must fill out W9 if paid more than $500.


Bonus Amount


Referred by Previous HE Solar Customers and Solar Advocates

  • 1 – 4 Referrals: $350
  • 5+ Referrals:     $550
  • Referral Customer receives $250 Discount!
  • Must be over 5kW
  • Jobs under 5kW will pay $300
  • Payment received with signed contract from referral
  • Non-customers must be approved by HE Solar before participating




Get Pricing: Submissions go directly to the Hoffman Brothers... or call 512-921-6763
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