Solar Referral Program

The HESOLAR Referral Bonus Program

HESOLAR provides a referral program to entice our customers and others to spread the word of solar. This saves us money on marketing and we gladly pass the savings to you and the customer you are referring!

Just have them mention your name during the sales process!

How it Works:

  • Referrals: You get $350
  • Referral Customer receives $250 Discount!
  • Must be over 5kW
  • Payment received with signed contract from referral
  • Non-customers must be approved by HESOLAR before participating

Referral Process

  • Fill out this form:
  • Provide Customer with HESOLAR information. We encourage our customers to browse our website.
  • Contact HESOLAR or have your referred customer mention your name.
  • Referral bonus will only be paid if the referral leads to a contract. Once the customer has signed a contract, payment will be made to the referrer.
  • HESOLAR may turn down referral if solar access is not available or for other unseen conditions.
  • Method of solicitation must be approved by HESOLAR prior to engagement.
  • Referrer must fill out W9 if paid more than $500.