Off Grid Solar

HESOLAR’s off grid energy systems provide electricity that is independent of the grid (power providers). Our systems use renewable resources and energy storage to provide self-sufficient power. Off Grid systems are only recommended if the utility is not available and will cost over $20,000 to run. This is common in rural areas where the power company will need to run a mile of power poles.

Off Grid Examples

  • Homes in remote locations
  • Businesses in remote locations
  • Farms and Ranches

HESOLAR Off Grid Solar Systemsoff grid solar

We custom design every off-grid system based on our customer’s needs.

System components include: solar PV, generators, wind turbines, hydro-electric, and batteries.

Typical off-grid systems use reliable solar electricity to power loads and charge batteries during the day. The batteries provide energy during the night and thick cloud cover. Generators can be incorporated in larger systems to lower size and cost of energy storage systems.

We also offer full electrical wiring installations in addition to the off grid energy system.

Off-Grid Components

Solar Photovoltaics — Solar PV is our most recommended source for renewable energy for systems. Solar PV is extremely reliable because of the 25+ year life and lack of moving parts in the system.

Batteries — Batteries are the most common energy storage component used in off-grid energy systems. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various system designs.

Generators – We install generators to alleviate the battery bank when solar power is not available. The generator can be programmed to automatically trigger on when the battery bank reaches a set depth of discharge.

Wind Turbines — Wind is a great energy provider for large utility scale power production. Its energy production is greatly affected by its blade size. Therefore, wind is not as common as solar PV in typical off-grid systems.

Hydro-Electricity — Hydro-electricity can be a reliable source of constant electricity. However, it is limited to areas with active and predictable water flow.



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