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New Construction solar flashing

New construction solar flashing

Experience – Knowledgeable Electricians Working with You.

At HESOLAR, we understand the construction process and have 15+ years of experience working with builders as electrical subcontractors. Construction solar projects are designed and installed by Master Electricians with NABCEP certification.

Good Communication Always Available

We understand that the main problem builders face is getting a hold of their subcontractors. At HESOLAR, we provide the builder with phone numbers for both owners and always make ourselves available to communicate through phone calls, texts, and emails. More importantly, when you call, you will be talking to a Master Electrician that can answer your questions and talk specifically about your project.

Low CostThe Local Advantage

We provide the most competitive price on the market. Don’t assume that low pricing means we cut corners. Our pricing is lower than the competitors because we are locally operated with hands-on ownership. In fact, you and your clients will communicate directly with a company owner from start to finish. On top of providing the most cost efficient solar package, we also provide the most premium package on the market.

Design AssistanceProfessionally Designed Systems

We are here to support builders when solar is brought up during the design phase. HESOLAR can review the electrical system and provide a solar PV system that meets the customers’ needs. Design tips can be provided to contractors to help familiarize themselves with common questions they will receive from owners. If needed, we can talk directly to the customer and educate them on how solar works.

Contracting AssistanceSmooth Integration of the Solar Trade in to Construction

HESOLAR assists builders by providing guidance during the construction process. Timing is crucial when scheduling installation during the rough-in and trim-out stages of construction. We can also provide scheduling recommendations that will help smooth the flow of construction.

Solar Ready Homes For Customers That Want Solar in the Future

Special considerations must be made to make a home prewired for solar. It is not as simple as running a wire in the attic. Many jurisdictions want solar wiring to meet codes and require photo evidence of the properly installed prewiring. HESOLAR can formally prepare the home owner for solar and provide wiring that won’t cause hiccups when installing solar in the future.