Roof Mounted Solar – Buildings

Solar is perfect for Austin area businesses with high energy loads. Business roofs offer large unused areas typically with limited shading. Utilize this unused space with solar energy to lower your buildings electric utility bill.

Benefits of A Solar Roof Mount For Your Business:

dual axis commercial solar

Low tilt, dual-axis systems can maximize commercial solar production

Available roof space — Buildings with flat roofs often have wide unused space with great sunlight exposure. The sun pounding down on the roof ages the roofing material and heats the floor below it. Make use of this space by adding roof solar panels for your business!

Developed Industry — Flat roofs can be installed with zero roof penetrations! A wide variety of material is available for commercial solar because of the developed industry. Low slope metal roofs can utilize seam clamps that minimize, and sometimes eliminate, roof penetrations.

Solar Panel Considerations:

Available Space — Appropriate measurements will need to be taken to calculate the size of solar array that can be installed.

Building Height — The height of the building will affect the wind load design.

Roof Type — Our system designs are unique to each project. Identification of your buildings roofing material will be required for an accurate quote.

Age of Roof — We recommend businesses have roofs older than 10 years evaluated before installing solar. Commercial roof solar panels are expected to last 25+ years. Having to remove a system for a new roof can add unnecessary expense to the building.

Structure Integrity — An engineering analysis of the structure will be required before adding the solar array to the roof. Building age and roofing type can be deciding factors on whether the structural integrity of the roof can support solar.



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