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HE Solar LLC Master Electricians Specialize in Tesla Charging Station Installation!


HE Solar LLC owners Eric & Derrick Hoffman are second generation Master Electricians. We have 40+ years combined experience in adding circuits and upgrading electrical services.

Our dedication to quality and customer service leads the industry. We are a small local company passionate about providing top quality service in Central Texas! We include a 3 year charge warranty and 10 year workmanship warranty!

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Charger Types: EV's & Tesla

wall outlet for ev charging

Level 1 Car Charging

  • Works for all Electric Vehicle Charging.
  • 1 Hour Charge = 3 to 5 miles
  • Compatible with home outlets

level 2 car charger

Level 2 Car Charging

  • Level 2 Chargers are 240 Volts
  • 1 Hour Charge = 8 to 24 miles (Manufacturer specific values below)
  • Multiple Brand Options

Tesla Mobile Connector Installation

Tesla Mobile Connector

  • 15/20 Amp Outlet = 3/4 miles /hour of charge.
  • 30 Amp Outlet = 17 miles /hour of charge
  • 50 Amp Outlet = 29 miles /hour of charge

Tesla Wall Connector Installation

Tesla Wall Connector

  • 58 Miles/Hour of Charge!
  • Multiple Settings to accommodate small services
  • Requires Dual Charger Upgrade on Tesla Vehicle

Car Charging Facts

Below are car charging facts for Tesla and other Electric Vehicles.

  • Electrical Upgrades may be Required: Fast Charging draws a lot of electricity (current) and may require a service upgrade. This is especially true for small and/or old homes.
  • Fast Charging is Good for your Electric Car: Taking proper care of your electric vehicles battery is similar to the battery in a smart phone. Making sure the battery is completely charged after every use is very beneficial to the batteries cycle life.
  • Charging Station Location Matters: Finding a good location in your garage or parking area is a key consideration for installation.
  • Backwards Compatible: Circuits we add for your charging station will be beneficial in the distant future for new Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations.
  • Not quite Zero Emissions: Your new electric vehicle is only as clean as the power plant making the electricity charging it... This brings me to the next fact (see below).
  • Solar makes Electric Vehicles truly emission free: Electric vehicle owners that purchase solar panels are essentially purchasing their fuel for the next 25+ years!
  • Customer Satisfaction: Hiring HE Solar to install your charging station guarantees it will be done right. Our Licensed Electricians specialize in adding circuits, service upgrades, and charging station installation.