Commercial Solar

Do You Need Commercial Solar Panels for Your Business Near Austin, Texas?

commercial solar panels on a rootop

Solar Panels waking up for the sun rise over Lady Bird lake in Austin.

Commercial solar power can be found on businesses across Austin, but you may not know why it’s so popular with Texas business owners. Large roofs and tall parapets maximize the production potential of solar power. Businesses, large and small, are saving thousands of dollars by going solar.

A large cost for businesses is electricity. Solar power reduces your electricity bill no matter how you are billed. The electricity pulled from the grid is offset by the solar power produced on your roof. Peak demand is reduced for most businesses in Central Texas because solar produces best when cooling equipment is running. Time of use pricing is reduced because solar is a peak power plant that produces best when the electricity rates are highest.


Just like homeowners, businesses receive solar incentives

The federal government provides a tax credit to business owners that invest in solar. Businesses receive a tax credit that accounts for 30% of the cost to install solar on their establishment. Another tax benefit is the ability to depreciate the cost of the solar power system with the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS).


More incentives, thanks to the utility companies

Austin Energy provides a performance based incentive that pays business owners for projected solar savings for the first 10 years of the investment. Why do they do it? Solar is a great investment for utility companies as well. Utility companies need multiple power sources to accommodate the fluctuation in power demand throughout the day. Solar naturally produces when power is needed most, making it a great investment for everyone.


Commercial solar has marketing benefits!

Monitor your solar production and show it off to the public!

Monitor your solar production and show it off to the public!

Investing in solar shows consumers that you are committed to new technology and the environment. Businesses can take advantage of their investment by promoting themselves as green. Solar Monitoring can also be displayed in office areas and on your website.


Steps to Ownership

Receive Professional Consultation and Design

  1. Business submits a quote request.
  2. An HE Solar professional provides the business with a “ballpark” estimate. We use satellite imagery and the information provided in the quote request form to provide an approximate estimate of installation cost and savings.
  3. Business requests site survey for official proposal.
  4. HE Solar performs site survey and provides proposal that meets the owners needs and requests.

HE Solar Payment Options

HE Solar has great payment options! Our team will go over payment options and assist in any necessary paperwork. A 30% draw is required for material acquisition at the start of the project.

Permitting, Engineering, and Application

HE Solar will handle all necessary paperwork, permits, and engineering. Making your path to solar power simple!

Solar Panel Installation

This in one of the many highlights of using HE Solar. We lead the industry in quality with our installation teams credentials. Owners Eric and Derrick Hoffman lead the design and installation of every project making sure our customers get the highest quality control possible.

Continued Support

HE Solar provides ongoing support for our customers. Solar Monitoring is recommended so that HE Solar and the business can continually monitor the system production during the lifetime of the system. Measurement and verification contracts are available to our commercial solar panel customers that want a visual inspection of the system every year.