A look at Project Sunroof by Google

Home Owners can now easily gauge the amount of solar need on their home using Project Sunroof. Project Sunroof is currently limited to parts of California and Massachusetts, but it should eventually reach Central Texas.

How it works:Sunroof

Home Owners can enter their address on the Project Sunroof Website. Google will then display the amount of solar exposure and unshaded roof space for solar panels. Scrolling down will provide a Solar System Size Calculator and financing information.

What it means for the Home Owner:

Home Owners can now receive instant feedback on solar for their home. Project Sunroof is extremely easy to use and fairly accurate compared to our own standards. After receiving information from Project Sunroof, Home Owners will now have a better idea of what to ask for when consulting with Solar Power Installation Companies.

What it means for HEsolar:

We are excited that one of the most widely used websites in the world will be exposing its Customers to solar. Google is a very trustworthy company that Consumers can use as the first step when investing in solar. It should be noted that Home Owners can receive the most accurate information by requesting a quote from HEsolar. We provide free estimates and we currently use Google Maps to analyze solar exposure, shade issues, and approximate system sizes.

What it means for Google:

Google will most likely use Project Sunroof to provide referrals to local Solar Installation Companies. Less reputable solar leads companies already exist and it will be nice to see a company like Google offering a lead service to prospective Customers. HEsolar will sign up to be a listed solar provider when the option becomes available in Texas.