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HE Solar stands apart from other Solar Companies in Austin TX

Hoffman Brothers at a solar panel installation in Austin Texas

Welcome to the exciting and sometimes confusing experience of shopping for solar in Austin TX.

We do NOT have salesmen, nor do we spend a lot of money on advertising. We instead invest our resources in our highly skilled design and installation team. HE Solar customers work directly with the Hoffman Brothers from design to completion.

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why he solar?

Local Family

The Hoffman Brothers are 2nd generation Master Electricians that grew up in the Austin Electrical Industry.

Master Guarantee

A Licensed Master Electrician will be present AT ALL TIMES during the installation of your solar system.

Derrick Hoffman displaying his NABCEP Certificate

NABCEP Guarantee

A NABCEP PV Installation Professional will be present AT ALL TIMES during your solar installation.

Panasonic solar panels 330 watt and 320 watt black

Premium Materials

HE Solar uses Ultra-Efficient Panasonic HIT Solar Panels and Solar Edge Inverters w/ DC Optimizers.

Austin Solar Information

Information for getting started with Solar in Austin:

Austin Energy Solar Information

Electric Utility Icon

HE Solar is an approved contractor for the Austin Energy Rebate program. You can learn more about the details of this program by visiting our Austin Energy page.

Please keep in mind that rebates and program policies are subject to frequent change which may not be reflected on the AE page. You can always call us or AE for the latest information.

Solar Power

HE Solar is is different than most Austin solar companies. Our experienced team allows us to offer everything from a simple residential solar system, to an off grid capable, solar carport systems with battery backup.

Learn more about our services for the Austin Area: Residential Solar, Commercial Solar, Solar Panel Types, Solar Inverter Types and Solar Cost.

Energy Storage

There are many reasons for adding energy storage to a solar system. The two most common are:

1) Offsetting peak demand power. Peak Demand consumption is a common billing factor for Commercial Austin Energy Customers. Batteries coupled with Solar Panels can help lower the peak demand. This can substantially lower Commercial Electric bills for buildings that have high Air Conditioning loads.

2) Providing backup power during a power outage. In our opinion Austin Energy is very reliable so backup power is more of a luxury than necessity.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Our team of tenured Master Electricians specialize in adding circuits for electric vehicle charging. Austin Energy has incentives to help lower the cost for adding circuits and the units themselves.

We have seen an increase in Austin businesses wanting units for customers to recharge their vehicles. Visit our Electric Vehicle Charging section to learn more about hiring HE Solar for your charging installation.

About Us

The HE Solar Team is made up of multiple Master Electricians and NABCEP Solar PV Professionals with numerous other certifications. The Hoffman Brothers are 2nd-Generation Master Electricians and grew up working in the Austin Electrical Industry. We have a long history and deep understanding of installing electrical systems in the Greater Austin Area.

Visit our Customer Testimonials page to see what Austin Solar Customers had to say about their experience with HE Solar!

HE Articles

Our articles sections features an informative solar blog provided by owners Eric and Derrick Hoffman. Our articles cover industry news, technical topics, material testing, project highlights and more!

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Online Monitoring

HE Solar includes Module Level Monitoring

solar production of a project in Austin TX

Module Level Monitoring allows you to see solar energy production for EVERY Solar Panel!

Austin Energy customers can also utilize the Austin Energy App to monitor overall production and consumption.

Solar Installation Types

solar roof on a home in South Austin

Pitched Roofs

We have solar flashing and attachment methods for comp shingle, metal, and tile roofs.

solar on a flat roof in Downtown Austin TX

Flat Roofs

Great solar energy potential due to large footprint. We offer multiple solar options.

ground mount solar power system in Austin TX

Ground Mount

Ground mount solar panels are an option for Austin property owners.

City of Austin Solar Carport by HE solar

Solar Carport

HE Solar carports are popular for residential and commercial projects.

Why is HE Solar One of the Top Austin Solar Companies?

We're a family business dedicated to quality, NOT quantity!

Picture of HEsolar LLC owners Eric and Derrick Hoffman

HE Solar is truly one of a kind. We are a small family company owned and operated by Master Electricians with NABCEP Solar PV certifications. Our low overhead cost allows us to install solar panels at competitive rates, giving our customers the highest quality solar power system available at a great price! Too often these days products are over sold and under delivered. Owner's Eric and Derrick Hoffman lead every design and installation to insure maximum customer satisfaction.